Monday, December 2, 2013


So, how many bloggers get stuck at the writing part like me??? I spend tons of time thinking what to write and as i was going through my old post i realized i am not as frank as i used to be before. I mean i noticed i used to talk about what is happening in my life and things i wanted my readers to know. I used to pour my heart out but ever since i got a hate comment saying i am judgemental and stuffs like that, i completely stopped being too personal here and all i talked about is my outfit but now i miss it. I miss interacting with my viewers, i miss telling them what i am going through and what is going on in my life. So, from next post i will talk about certain topics i want to talk about and yes, i'll pour my heart out.

I wore this awesome red check pant that belongs to my young sister. She is just 13(8 years younger than me) and she has grown so big so fast and i love it because i can share clothes with her. :P. I was an alone child for quite a long time and even after my sister was born we were in two different part of the country for more few years, I was in a boarding school in Nepal and she was in Japan with the parents, so we never really got along because of the age difference and distance. And i cant believe she has grown up so fast.  So, teamed this pant with the frontrowshop shirt that i wore HERE.

And of course you need something warm to wear over in weather like this. So, i wore this coat, a very old piece in my closet. Let me know whether u liked the one with coat or without it. Also hype the look in lookbook by clicking HERE.

That's it. Will be back pretty soon and yes don't forget to like my page in facebook HERE. And also dont forget to follow me on my instagram @khusbugauchan.


  1. You look amazing :)

  2. fab crop top and necklace:-)


  3. loving the look!

  4. I love what you did there with ur sisters pants.


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  6. you're grogeous i love this outfit ! ♡

  7. You look aah-may-zing and love both the looks :)

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  9. Pretty. Love how the check is different from the norm! Following nw via bloglovimn. Hope u follow back x