Wednesday, November 13, 2013


      So, what am i suppose to do in this weather with no work and i cant even go out because of the strikes and all the news of bomb blast in the country?? My god those news of bomb been disposed in different areas of the country is scaring the wits off me. I just hope this these political instability gets over soon and i hope everyone is safe and fine. 
        So, on a brighter note, i was sitting in my bed, laptop in my lap and as usual i was browsing through my favourite bloggers and online shop and i thought i would share these loves with you from PERSUNMALL. They have a wide variety of clothes,shoes,bags and jewelleries. Here i am sharing my favourite boots and bags from the shop. ENJOY 

Look at these, Oh god they are so awesome. I am so buying myself these type of tough looking chunky boots for this winter. You can have them too, just click the blue link below.
1- cross laceup punk style platform boots
2- thick heel laceup martin boot
3- rivet and zipper short martin boots\
4- simple design high street boot with buckle
5- thick heel laceup martin boot with belt
6- thick heel belted boot with rivets

WOW, I am just in love with these bags. See the 1st and 2nd ones, if only bagpacks like these were available here. Wouldn't it be so awesome to carry bagpacks like this to colleges?? The 2nd and 3rd ones are so perfect for parties one for those who likes to dress up chic  and other who dresses up more laidback and grunge. The 5th and 6th are for everydays and anydays. :)

So, u know this site has something or the other for everyone. So dont forget to check their site HERE.


  1. in love with the first bag and all the shoes!

  2. I love ankle boots! I think they work so perfectly for both cool and warm weather! Just so versatile <3

  3. Great selection darling!!

  4. I want to purchase the 1st bag !!! How can you help me ???

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