Sunday, September 1, 2013


Million dollar smiles, charming personalities and very beautiful are the words that describes my sunday blog guest today. She is Oshima Banu, MD of House of fashion, CEO of Uber Agency, Model, and also the Face of Classic Diamond. With so much in her hand, lets ask her how she manages everything and more about her.

*Introduction/Tell me a little about yourself. What are your general professional and non-professional interests? I’m Oshima Banu and I’ve been working in the fashion industry for the past four years in various fields from modelling-fashion events- fashion house. My professional interests are inclined towards the fashion industry and working towards contributing towards developing it by involving myself in various sectors such as modelling, fashion shows to entrepreneurship. My non-professional interests generally revolve around my friends and family with whom I love to spend some quiet quality time.
*What are you currently involved in? I’m currently involved with two organizations: @House of Fashion and Uber Agency where I’m a Partner as well as the MD and the CEO respectively.
*What does fashion mean to you? Fashion means ‘the world’ to me and it is where my heart lies.
*How would you define your style as? Though it keeps changing, I try to keep it clean and classic. I mix and match but prefer to keep things classic.
*What can we find in u'r bag? On any ordinary day it’s usually my wallet, make up, cell phone and my diary.
*What can we find in u're make up bag? Lipstick, eyeliner and matte foundation.
*What do we find the most in your wardrobe? Heaps and heaps of clothes however mostly comprising of dresses.
*On a normal day, do you put on make-up or keep it natural? I like to keep it natural and give my skin some room to breathe.
*Proudest Moment? Being crowned the Face of Classic Diamond 2012-2013
*Do you read blogs? Not much but I do follow a few regularly
*How do you spend a day? Well currently its unfortunately all work work work. I’m busy with @House of Fashion and with Uber Agency and looking after both these organizations, I have my handful throughout the day, every day of the week. But hopefully once everything’s on track I will be able to accommodate a bit of leisure in a day in my timetable.
*What do you do to keep yourself fit and fine? Luckily my genes take care of most of the work but regular morning exercises and eating a balanced diet are some of the ways I adopt to keep myself fit –fine -Healthy.
*What are your future plans? I like to plan as I go along but I definitely see myself working in the fashion industry.

*International designer PHOEBE PHILO and Prabal Gurung
*Nepali designer I love a number of them, namely, Antee Gurung, Mamta Gurung Joshi, Tenzin, Bishwo Gautam, Swornim and Subexya.
*Make up brand MAC Cosmetics
*International blogger Lex Limbu
*Nepali blogger Antee Gurung (moretomystylediary)
*TV Show How I Met Your Mother
*Magazine Vogue
*Color Red
*International Model Miranda Kerr
*Nepali Model Well I’ll have to name my 2 new favourites: Bidhatri Pokhrel & Niti Shah

RAPID FIRE Black/white OR Colourful? Colourful
Classic OR Latest Trend? Classic
Pant OR Skirt? Skirt
Heel OR Flat? Heels
Model OR Actor? MODEL
Work OR Play? Combination of both
Money OR Love OR Power? Love
Evening Gown OR Cocktail Dress? Evening Gown

Any fashion tips u want to give to my readers?? Anyone can carry off anything… so just be confident about what you are wearing, as long as you love the way you look, then remember you look great.


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  3. Very nice outfits. Great day.

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