Friday, October 28, 2011


HEY've u been doing???  this few days have been very hectic and i haven't been able to do much of internet surfing....its been long since i posted my last post and i want to apologise for it......well today i just went through my files in my computer and was going through the old pics and found some  pics tht i never uploaded so i thought y not put it in my blog as i've not been able to go out and enjoy with my friends....AND YA U MAY HAVE SEEN ME WEARING THIS SAME SHOES SAME ACCESORIES AND THE SAME HAIRSTYLE...well lemme say actually i had to go to 2 different place at the same  day and there was no way tht i was gonna wear the same dress so i just carried an extra pair in my bag and saved it for the day....enjoy.....

wearing a simple black dress frm haute couture durbarmarg...accesories too from haute couture durbarmarg...

di just loved the back part of it...

lwell thts all for now.....take care and the giveaway is still on....participate if u want to......
till then  take care


  1. awesome collection there ^_^
    stay safe :)

  2. This dress looks it:)

  3. great look and i love your shoes *.*

    my blog is new and i would be very happy if you take a look at it!

  4. wow u are so beautiful...i following....follow ???