Tuesday, September 27, 2011

im thinking of introducing some bloggers in my blog evry now and then and interviewing them...well some awesome fashion bloggers were in my mind....but i thought starting off with her wud be better idea....she is an aspiring fashon designer....some one who hasnt learn anythng bout it or taken any training yet she make such beautiful clothes like a pro..... her clothes are a tight slap to all the people(at least me) who dreams of being a fashion designer and yet not even know how to stitch.....you can even order her clothes online or give her pictures of the clothes u want to wear and she'll do the magic.....she is ROHINI RAI initially frm gangtok but currently staying at delhi for her education......i've asked her few ques regarding fashion and her designs..well check them out...

ME- Wht does fashion mean to you???
ROHINI-.Fashion is not only about "dressing up" or wearing the so-called "latest stuff"... It is much more than that... It is the way you live everyday...your way of life... LIVE in Fashion, LIVE for Fashion!!!

ME- How wud u define your city's fashion??
ROHINI- . My current city New Delhi's Fashion is VIBRANT!!! Fashion ranges from preppy college styles, to Bohemian ...to High Street!!!
My hometown Gangtok's Fashion could be defined as something Dynamic... Something that changes with the season...Sometimes you see them fashionistas sporting Androgynous look, and the next season, they're down with maxi fever...also, Gangtok has been regarded as one of the fav. fashion destinations by many Indian Bloggers!!!

ME- Wen did u realize u wanted to become a designer??
ROHINI- Designing was something i wanted to do right from my childhood days...I would stitch dresses for my younger sister (un-wearable ones)...and that gave me pleasure...however, I've not taken up designing as my subject but will do something on Fashion for my Post Grads.

ME- Wht was the first article of clothing u ever designed??
ROHINI- .unwearable one would be the dress that i stitched for my younger sister when i was in the 5th standard....
and wearable one would be the dress that i designed for my friend who had participated in a beauty paegent back in school.

ME- How long it usually take you to constuct a piece
ROHINI- ..ummm...approx 5 days.

ME- Who are your fav designer??
ROHINI- .Prabal Gurung, hes an inspiration, and Coco Chanel. I also love Roberto Cavalli.

ME- Where can readers buy ur clothes??
ROHINI- I've just started this online store...so my readers could spot my stuff @ www.bilc-store.blogspot.com and can mail in -shop.bilc@gmail.com

ME- Can u tell us smth bout it??
ROHINI- well...all that i make is a mixture of my own ideas and what i see on the magazines...coz people want to wear what they see on the tv screens or cosmo or vogue, so i try to keep that in mind and also put in Originality.

ME- How wud u define ur personal style??
ROHINI- ummm my personal style, i would term it as a " Mixed Bag" of everything. I like to experiment when it comes to dressing up, so i wear what i feel like wearing, but yes! i should be comfortable in it!!!

ME-Where do u get ur inspiration
ROHINI- .Im not a designer by profession, so my inspiration, as I'v mentioned above, a lot of it comes form magazines, and i try my best to get inspired from whatever i see.

ME- Wht are some of ur fav fashion website,blog,magazine,book..??
ROHINI- .fav. fashion blogs- www.lazymanxcat.blogspot.com

fav. fashion magazine- Vogue, Cosmopolitan, Marie Claire, Harper's Bazaar.

ME- -Wht are ur fav color to work with and WHY??
ROHINI- . i dont have a Fav. color in particular when it comes to making garments, but personally, i love Black, Grey and Beige.

ME--Where can readers find more about u and ur work??
ROHINI- .readers...catch me at


ME- Which is the fav one of ur creation??
ROHINI- .My fav. creation is no doubt my Rose detailed Maxi dress...it makes me fall in love with it everytime I see it!!!

ME-Any last word to the reader.....
ROHINI- ...lastly, People...Keep it stylish!!!


this little cutie dog dress was designed by her....isn't it so cute???

the top was designed by her...

last but not the least....she designed a maxi skirt and a turban for me....and of course it was beautiful...nolw im thinking of giving this away in fashion giveaway......if u want to own this lovely skirt and turban designed by rohini rai then follow....check it out....\

can u believe tht someone so raw and without any training can do this?????isnt she wonderful????
are u in love with her clothes?????u can order them now mail her @-shop.bilc@gmail.com.....

thts all for now.....keep it stylist.....buhbie.....love u all....


  1. Rohini is an awesome blogger.. i often visit her blog..
    its creative of u to come up with such idea and interview her...
    The turban is awesome khushbu...I want the tutorial! :)


  2. tutorial?????did u mean turban??? eh ya im giving it in my giveaway....u have to follow for tht....i'll let u know the other criteria....till then keep checking..... :)

  3. nice interview. i love Rohini, she is so talented. I am loving your style. take care.


  4. I love rohini which is needless to say.I am following you on google what else should i do for the giveaway?I am in love with the maxi! =)

  5. Nice: style, photos, blog!