Monday, September 30, 2013


Last year, in college we were given assignment to give a presentation on different era and types of fashion. There were given many topics among which i chose bohemian. Bohemian look always fascinated me and i fell in love with it even more after my research.

On the day of our presentation my bench mate told me "Wouldn't it be so much fun if we wore the outfit and gave presentation on it. Imagine everyone in their topic's outfit" Just then i thought i should try bohemian look once in my life coz it's so carefree and fun. So, here is my own version of bohemian look.

Now, Bohemian look cannot be complete without a head band right?? So, here it is.

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Friday, September 20, 2013


    So, how many of you are going back to school soon or has your school started already?? Well in my country our school starts in april/may as we go according to our nepali calendar. If you are going back to school, this can be one of the ootd, it need not be exactly the same, you can modify it however you like, i am just giving you hint of an idea.

This look is perfect if your school has strict dress code and if your school gives you freedom to wear whatever you feel like,  you can just channel your inner stylist and experiment even more. Well my college doesn't have dress code, we can wear whatever but i choose to be more laidback and simple not because of the college but because of some judgemental people in there. Let's not get there.

The outfit is very loose top and black tights for comfort and scarf that matches with my studded flats.
And if you think the scarf makes you little uncomfortable then you can always take them off.

And this hairstyle is perfect for going back to school as it takes only a minute or two and if you want a tutorial on it, let me know.

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Sunday, September 15, 2013


Yesterday, I took my young siblings to recently opened Kathmandu Fun Valley, Bhaktapur. Oh wait, not so recently, Well I didnt want to go earlier because of the crowd, I mean till few months of their opening the crowd there was crazy so i waited some more months so that there is decent amount of crowds and so tht i can enjoy to the fullest. And this is what i wore yesterday

Since, i am going for swimming, i chose this colorful outer to wear. I love wearing colorful items whenever i am going for swimming. I put this whole outfit around this outer/coverups that i am wearing here and since the outer is already very colorful i opted to wear this LBD underneath. Had i worn only the LBD, it would have been completely different style but the outer made it look so summery and cool and fun and this since i don't like wearing heels for swimming, i opted for this very comfortable wedges that was a boon for a day like yesterday coz its comfortable and also adds heights. I also didnt put on any makeup except for the lip gloss because i didnt wanted to look like a ghost after swimming since i dont have any waterproof makeup lol. So, if you think i look little different than its because i am without makeup here.

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Wednesday, September 11, 2013


Fall is here and i cant accept the fact that summer is gone. NO.. Now that i have to layer up (which i totally suck at)and i hate it and i havent shopped yet for fall. My ootd for today is this very casual look, perfect for everyday. I know there are some fashion rules like you should not wear whites after labor day but who cares? lol. Read more for my fall must haves which can help you for your fall shopping.

1- Motor jackets
2-Dark nail polishes
3-Dark lipsticks
4-Loose knitted sweaters
5-Warm and cute mufflers
6-Stylish Leggings and stockings
8- Beanies
9-Denim shirts
10-Flat men's style boots
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Saturday, September 7, 2013


Hi lovelies,
    How is saturday treating you? Having fun?  I bet you all are enjoying your weekend unlike me, I am sick.:(
Yesterday night was a nightmare and the longest night i felt in my life. I was awake the whole night as i had suffered from Food poisoning and the latter story is pretty explanatory as u all must know what happened then. And since i am still in the hang of it, feeling weak and uncomfortable and since i didnt want to do anything else than to blog right now as i haven't posted for quite a long time now. UH WAIT, i haven't done quite a lot of things for quite a long time now, I haven't been to college for more than 2 weeks now, haven't gone to gym for more than a month i guess and god knows how many things that are procrastinated by me.

I have a very bad habit of fiddling with my hair while taking pictures which u all can see in the pictures above where in most of my pictures, my hands are in my hair. I wore this outfit for a get-together with friends and since my outfit was all black and white, i carried a bright bag. Let me know what you think

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