Tuesday, March 12, 2013


     Well,i just finished organizing my closet..PHEW, i am sick tired and panting indeed.. If u come to my room,all u see is clothes in every corner.so,my mom bought me a new closet,which can be kept outside my room,where i had planned to make a walk-in closet soon,so tht there is a room in my overflowing current closet..It took me and my maid 5 days(no exaggeration) to organize the 2 closet,the old one and the new one,and finally its done and i did find so many beautiful cloths tht i had completely forgotten about and i can't wait to wear them.And the most shocking part was when i found out tons of jeans,i mean i dont wear jeans much,u can hardly see me in jeans and i found more thn 35 pairs of jeans,where did they come from??? IDK LOL..
              And oh yes, my exams are starting tomorrow and as lethargic as i already am,i haven't studied yet.. i dont know wht im gon write in my answer sheet tomorrow and to add more salts to my wound i heard the invigilators of my exam halls are damn strict.. #GOD BLESS ME..
           As i said in the title of last post as last winter outfit for 2013,i am here with my spring outfit..check it out..

Thursday, March 7, 2013


Hey readers!!
Last time I said I have some problem with my computer and im using my macbook pro which is a headache since I don’t understand some of its function tht was a confession of a technie dumbo but want to hear an embarassing story?? Well I called up the technician and asked him wht problem is it. He checked everything and u know wht the prob was??? I switched off my CPU button at the back tht’s why it wasn’t running.. god how can I be so dumb?? Like seriously?? Anyway im blogging from my computer bigger screen it’s gr8..
So, back to my outfit  as my title itself says last winter outfit for 2013.. I am hoping it’s true,its getting kinda sunny these days though today it rained quite heavily with all those thunderstorms and scary shit.. I am hoping tomorrow is sunny.. this  picture was taken quite a long ago,I had completely forgotten about it.. I bought this outfit because of it’s color and teamed it with a thin stocking and knee high boots.. check it out.

Thursday, February 28, 2013


 Yeah!!! I’m back quicker than I thought I would be. Remember last time I told I am having my exam real soon and I dont know wen I’ll be posting next?? But guess what?? My exam got postponed yeah!! So time for another blogpost.. I’m sure some of u have noticed tht my last 3-5 post picture quality are little low thn my other older post well tht’s because I haven’t been using my dslr lately and have been taking pics from my phone tht’s not quite the problem yet, the main problem is I alwz use my computer for everything but since I am having some problem with it I am using my macbook pro and god I just don’t understand the function of this..i mean I try to download some good photo editor and I couldn’t find any thing tht helped me.. I did some research and I found out tht we could edit frm iphoto and I’ve been so dumb coz I had this app forever..lol confession of a technie dumbo...

So, have u ever had those irritating moments when u stuff u're closet for certain season and before u get to wear all of them,the season actually goes?? well i have those kind of problems every season so i have promised myself not to buy too many cloths at once..so just wen i thought sun is shining brighter and i cant wear my winter stuffs tht are yet to be worn,weather changed drastically.. There were 3 days in a row wen the weather acted peculiar it was dark and gloomy and it drizzled the whole day..it became a perfect day to sip more coffee and cuddle inside u're blanket and watch movies but i got a phone call from a fren from highschool saying she is craving for japanese food and honestly i had been craving for some sushi as well. I took advantage of the weather,took out my long boots,woolen maroon-burgundy sweater,thick leggings and i am ready..

Saturday, February 23, 2013



So how are my readers doing??? I hope very well.. hope this week treated you with its best form. If u ask me, well mine was same boring,staying home all day kind of week.. By the way I had a haircut and I am soon coloring my hair.I will post the pic of it soon maybe in my next post but since my exam is knocking on the door I don’t know when my next post will be up..

Monday, February 18, 2013

     Sorry for been MIA again.. But idk what makes me so busy.. i am in tht phase where u have no work yet u have no free time.everyone must hve gone through tht ryt?? or is it just me?? so this is a small and quick post since i have to run away again..so here it is..

Sunday, February 3, 2013


         How have u been?? Greeting unknown ppl is kinda awkward u know like I write hello, how r u and stuffs without knowing who is reading it or is anyone even reading?? But the love I get frm my readers and knowing ppl read my blog gives me immense happiness.. Whenever i get a msg in my fb or any other pages of mine saying I read your blog and I love it or I have been u're regular reader, GOD I wish I could show u my face then, my face lips literally goes from east to the west (excuse the useless exaggeration though).. I get so many sweet messages frm my readers especially in my facebook so I thought i'd like to talk to dedicate this post to my lovely readers.. Thnk you so much for the love and ofcourse for all the lovely messages to write.. Hadn't it been the love frm u guys I wouldn’t still be blogging  I guess.. So thnx and I love u guys..