Thursday, February 28, 2013


 Yeah!!! I’m back quicker than I thought I would be. Remember last time I told I am having my exam real soon and I dont know wen I’ll be posting next?? But guess what?? My exam got postponed yeah!! So time for another blogpost.. I’m sure some of u have noticed tht my last 3-5 post picture quality are little low thn my other older post well tht’s because I haven’t been using my dslr lately and have been taking pics from my phone tht’s not quite the problem yet, the main problem is I alwz use my computer for everything but since I am having some problem with it I am using my macbook pro and god I just don’t understand the function of this..i mean I try to download some good photo editor and I couldn’t find any thing tht helped me.. I did some research and I found out tht we could edit frm iphoto and I’ve been so dumb coz I had this app confession of a technie dumbo...

So, have u ever had those irritating moments when u stuff u're closet for certain season and before u get to wear all of them,the season actually goes?? well i have those kind of problems every season so i have promised myself not to buy too many cloths at just wen i thought sun is shining brighter and i cant wear my winter stuffs tht are yet to be worn,weather changed drastically.. There were 3 days in a row wen the weather acted peculiar it was dark and gloomy and it drizzled the whole became a perfect day to sip more coffee and cuddle inside u're blanket and watch movies but i got a phone call from a fren from highschool saying she is craving for japanese food and honestly i had been craving for some sushi as well. I took advantage of the weather,took out my long boots,woolen maroon-burgundy sweater,thick leggings and i am ready..

Saturday, February 23, 2013



So how are my readers doing??? I hope very well.. hope this week treated you with its best form. If u ask me, well mine was same boring,staying home all day kind of week.. By the way I had a haircut and I am soon coloring my hair.I will post the pic of it soon maybe in my next post but since my exam is knocking on the door I don’t know when my next post will be up..

Monday, February 18, 2013

     Sorry for been MIA again.. But idk what makes me so busy.. i am in tht phase where u have no work yet u have no free time.everyone must hve gone through tht ryt?? or is it just me?? so this is a small and quick post since i have to run away here it is..

Sunday, February 3, 2013


         How have u been?? Greeting unknown ppl is kinda awkward u know like I write hello, how r u and stuffs without knowing who is reading it or is anyone even reading?? But the love I get frm my readers and knowing ppl read my blog gives me immense happiness.. Whenever i get a msg in my fb or any other pages of mine saying I read your blog and I love it or I have been u're regular reader, GOD I wish I could show u my face then, my face lips literally goes from east to the west (excuse the useless exaggeration though).. I get so many sweet messages frm my readers especially in my facebook so I thought i'd like to talk to dedicate this post to my lovely readers.. Thnk you so much for the love and ofcourse for all the lovely messages to write.. Hadn't it been the love frm u guys I wouldn’t still be blogging  I guess.. So thnx and I love u guys..

Monday, January 28, 2013


A very BIG and a LOUD HELLOWWWW to all the poeple reading my blog currently.. so im back with another post and this post is not any outfit post..i am blogging about my very dearest fren's wedding..well i'd alwz imagined how would it be to be on fren's wedding ever since i was in my early teens and my god the excitement is something tht's very hard to share.. Ever since the first time the fren calls up and tell u the good news,the stomach flutters with excitement and then comes the dilemma on wht to wear and the irritation on the fact tht u're growing fatter and fatter each day and determination on loosing the weight till tht date and anger on not being able to do tht and finally convincing yourself and eating less tht day so tht u're stomach wont look bulgy in tht attire..GOD THE GIRLS PROBLEM.. if any guy is reading this u might find it silly and useless but  the girls understands it properly ryt??

Tuesday, January 22, 2013


      Time passes so fast..I'm having my short preparation holidays and it's about to go so quickly and i haven't prepared anything..After this holiday,i'll be having my board exam of bachelor 1st year and to be true im not at all prepared for it..And the guilty pleasure part is instead of utilising the given time for preparing i've been roaming around like crazy and making the most use of holiday tht we get very rarely.. I've been very busy this week friend's marriage and stuff i'll update about tht too maybe in my next post and there's yet another wedding party which i have to attend the day after tomorrow and i have my submission the day after tht ..god im so screwed..i dont know wht am i going to submit tht day i have nothing..ARGHHH fashion designing and it's never ending work with deadline..OKAY!! let's not bombard u with the boring story of my off to my outfit.