Monday, December 2, 2013


So, how many bloggers get stuck at the writing part like me??? I spend tons of time thinking what to write and as i was going through my old post i realized i am not as frank as i used to be before. I mean i noticed i used to talk about what is happening in my life and things i wanted my readers to know. I used to pour my heart out but ever since i got a hate comment saying i am judgemental and stuffs like that, i completely stopped being too personal here and all i talked about is my outfit but now i miss it. I miss interacting with my viewers, i miss telling them what i am going through and what is going on in my life. So, from next post i will talk about certain topics i want to talk about and yes, i'll pour my heart out.

I wore this awesome red check pant that belongs to my young sister. She is just 13(8 years younger than me) and she has grown so big so fast and i love it because i can share clothes with her. :P. I was an alone child for quite a long time and even after my sister was born we were in two different part of the country for more few years, I was in a boarding school in Nepal and she was in Japan with the parents, so we never really got along because of the age difference and distance. And i cant believe she has grown up so fast.  So, teamed this pant with the frontrowshop shirt that i wore HERE.

And of course you need something warm to wear over in weather like this. So, i wore this coat, a very old piece in my closet. Let me know whether u liked the one with coat or without it. Also hype the look in lookbook by clicking HERE.

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Wednesday, November 27, 2013


   As i said earlier i love experimenting with my style and these days it is inclined more towards grunge and today's post is an example of the same. This is a little old picture of mine when the days were warmer and hotter than it is now, the shorts explains it all. The baseball shirt was in my must have list for the season and i am glad i found it. I had been searching red flannel for quite a long time but didn't find the perfect one anywhere, and i was jumping with joy when i found it in sudip's wardrobe. I added the pink snapback to keep my girly personality in me alive.

One of many reason why i love flannel shirt like these is because u can tie it in your waist and if the weather gets little colder, you can wear it and keep yourself warm and look cool bothways. Awesome right? Hype this look in lookbook if you like it HERE.

These is it. Will be back pretty soon. BYE TAKE CARE. :)

Thursday, November 21, 2013


    How are my readers doing?? I hope you all are doing pretty well. So, in this post of mine i've collected pretty cool outfits from this awesome store MART OF CHINA. Once you visit their store, you will know that they have numerous amount of stuffs in very very reasonable rate. There is something or the other for everyone. Click HERE to find it out yourself and trust me you will love it. Below are the picture of stuffs you can find there. ENJOY.

Great, isn't it. From the pictures above u can know that there is something for everybody. It doesn't matter what your style really is grunge, preppy, casual, sweet, chic whatever, there it is. Click HERE to go to their page to see more. That is it for now, Will be back soon. BYE. :)

Sunday, November 17, 2013


     I don't know what's wrong with my blog? Last time i wanted to blog, but i couldn't sign in because it said your password has been changed. I had to go through whole long process and thankfully got my blog back and yesterday i tried to blog and i couldn't because "create new post" took forever to open. I just hope nothing's serious. But thank god i got my blog back so here i am posting the ootd/ootn i wore to a friend's birthday treat.

This beautiful turtle neck cropped shirt is from my favourite online site named THE FRONT ROW SHOP. There are many online site where you can buy stuffs but what sets this site apart from the others is their very chic, sophisticated and unique items that they sell there. I have always wanted a cropped shirt like this one and i am so glad i found it there and the quality is awesome i tell you.
This beautiful skirt is from " Beyonce for h&m". I fell in love with it the moment i laid my eyes over it and i knew i needed this. I got this from one day sale of my sister's shop. Isn't it so pretty??

And the treat was in this awesome place named Mezze by roadhouse. I'm in love with this place and i know i'll visit them soon again. The interior,ambience,hygiene,service,food everything is so perfect that u feel like you are in some other place. So you should totally visit this place once. :)

That is it people. Will be back pretty soon, take care. LOVE YOU.
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Wednesday, November 13, 2013


      So, what am i suppose to do in this weather with no work and i cant even go out because of the strikes and all the news of bomb blast in the country?? My god those news of bomb been disposed in different areas of the country is scaring the wits off me. I just hope this these political instability gets over soon and i hope everyone is safe and fine. 
        So, on a brighter note, i was sitting in my bed, laptop in my lap and as usual i was browsing through my favourite bloggers and online shop and i thought i would share these loves with you from PERSUNMALL. They have a wide variety of clothes,shoes,bags and jewelleries. Here i am sharing my favourite boots and bags from the shop. ENJOY 

Look at these, Oh god they are so awesome. I am so buying myself these type of tough looking chunky boots for this winter. You can have them too, just click the blue link below.
1- cross laceup punk style platform boots
2- thick heel laceup martin boot
3- rivet and zipper short martin boots\
4- simple design high street boot with buckle
5- thick heel laceup martin boot with belt
6- thick heel belted boot with rivets

WOW, I am just in love with these bags. See the 1st and 2nd ones, if only bagpacks like these were available here. Wouldn't it be so awesome to carry bagpacks like this to colleges?? The 2nd and 3rd ones are so perfect for parties one for those who likes to dress up chic  and other who dresses up more laidback and grunge. The 5th and 6th are for everydays and anydays. :)

So, u know this site has something or the other for everyone. So dont forget to check their site HERE.

Thursday, November 7, 2013


   So done with the celebrations, the festivals and ofcourse eating like a pig, i wish everyday was a holiday. Now that  people are pulling their sleeves up and getting back to normal, i am here sitting and wondering how do i get back? LOL. The 1 month long holiday has made me so lazy and has spoilt my living style so bad that now i wonder if it's even possible to get back to normal, ofcourse it's possible but damn, i am going to have a pretty difficult time. I mean i have to wake up around 5 and hit the gym and be in college by 7 whereas i wake up past 12 these days. God bless me. :P

 About the outfit, well this outfit is more like a early fall to early winter outfit transition. The fall part of this outfit is HERE. I have just added the beanie and changed the shorts into this cute polka dotted pants.Every thing else is same even the owl necklace. Let me know which one u like better?? And dont forget to hype this look HERE.